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Meet the Team

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Welcome to the Oneiros Aerospace family, where innovation meets expertise. Meet our visionary leaders - Mark, the Founder and CEO, an entrepreneurial force driving international success; Shane, our seasoned Chief Operating Officer, an expert in aviation transactions and asset management; and Dana, our Partner of Sustainability, a dedicated advocate for sustainable practices in aviation. Together, their diverse skills form the backbone of our dynamic team, propelling us towards new heights in the aerospace industry.


Mark Breen

Mark Breen

Founder & Chief Executive Officer


Shane McCarthy

Shane McCarthy

Chief Operating Officer


Dana Shoukroun

Dana Shoukroun PhD

Partner, Sustainability

Mark is the Founder and CEO of Oneiros Aerospace. He is an entrepreneurial and resilient leader, with a remarkable track record with over 20 plus years within the aerospace industry. Mark has consistently driven international business results through growth initiatives, transformative strategies, and the successful launch of six start-up airlines across the globe. Mark's expertise extends to business leadership and management consulting, and he has held pivotal roles in various disciplines, including CEO appointments and board directorships. Mark has worked across the globe in Europe, Middle East, ASEAN and most recently in the Americas.


He is a distinguished alumnus of Harvard University's Business School in Leadership Development (PLD) studies. He holds an MSc in Aviation Business Science from the College of Aeronautics at Cranfield University, UK, and a Diploma in Transport Management from Dublin Institute of Technology, Ireland. Currently, Mark is a PhD research scholar, focusing on the commercialisation of sustainable aviation fuel at the Dublin City University Business School.

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Shane has over 15 years of aviation experience. As Chief Operating Officer, he is responsible for the day-to-day management of Oneiros Aerospace. He has extensive consulting, transactional and asset management experience and has represented both airline and airline creditors on major restructuring projects. 

Before joining Oneiros Aerospace, Shane was Senior Associate, Operations and Risk at SkyWorks Leasing (Ireland) Limited, responsible for financial operations, asset management and risk management activities. Previously, Shane was a Senior Associate at Apollo Aviation Group (now Carlyle Aviation Partners), leading the capital markets and investor relations back-office for their private equity and hedge fund aviation strategies, totalling $2.0B.

Shane holds an MBA and an MSc in Data Analytics from UCD Michael Smurfit. He graduated from Trinity College with a BAI BA in Civil, Structural, and Environmental Engineering. He also holds a Diploma in Aviation Leasing and Financing from the Law Society of Ireland.

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Dana is the Partner of Sustainability at Oneiros Aerospace, driven by a profound passion for sustainability within the aviation industry. With over 12 years of experience, Dana specialises in training and educating executives on sustainable aviation practices. She also excels in creating sustainability strategies and identifying commercial opportunities in the sustainable aviation sector.


Prior to joining Oneiros Aerospace, Dana collaborated with Teesside Airport (UK) to develop a strategy for revenue growth through the use of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF). She also worked with the Challenge Group (Liege, Belgium) on critical projects related to COVID-19 vaccine transportation and the establishment of a new SAF plant.


Dana holds a PhD in Physics and Engineering of Composite Materials, and she has served as a Postdoctoral Researcher in Physics and Engineering at the University College London, UK. She also holds an MSc in Nuclear Engineering and Technology and an MPhys in Physics from the University of Manchester, UK.

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